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Compound Training Systems was founded in July of 2012 by Oisin McCabe with one simple goal in mind – to create the premier personal training company available in the health and fitness industry. CTS is based on the Northside of Dublin and provides a host of personal training services to clients from all over Dublin, as well as Online clients from all over the world. 
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We are, to put it simply - relentless in our pursuit of knowledge. Our dedication to sourcing the most up to date information for both our clients and our own training is second to none. We walk the walk as well as talk the talk – a trait sadly lacking in most of todays fitness industry.
We eat, sleep and breath RESULTS, consult world wide to discover the most effective training protocols and remain on call to our clients 7 days a week in order to guarantee success. To be frank, it shows in the spectacular results that our clients achieve. Just look at our testimonials section for proof.
 The success of CTS clients achieveing and surpassing their goals time and time again has led to our acknowledgement as one of the top personal training services in Ireland. You know at this point that we don't believe in accidents breeding success. We only provide our clients with what we know to be effective and believe that smart, intelligent training  should not be based on gimmicks or fads, but rather on what works and is proven. 


Compound Training Systems was founded with the belief that reaching your potential cannot be achieved by accident. Fullfilling your potential is achieved by repeatedly making the correct choices. Your potential is reached through habit. Here at CTS we provide you with all the information you need to make these correct choices easy day in and day out and establish the habits of success. This formula is how we GUARANTEE results. Compound Training Systems exists to help our clients achieve their dreams through the absolute highest levels of personal training and education. Our business is RESULTS and for us nothing else matters. 
Upon taking the first step and contacting CTS, we will arrange a one2one consultation at one of our operating locations. During this consultation we will determine  -
 - What are your GOALS and the timeframe in which you wish to achieve them?
-  What factors are holding you back from achieving your potential and reaching your peak fitness?
-  What will motivate you to make the right choices for yourself?
 - What is your current body composition and fitness statistics in order to track your rapid progress?
 - What is the MOST EFFECTIVE plan for you to obtain your goals?
 - What is your current nutritional status, food allergies/sensitivities and what foods do you enjoy?
 - What duration and frequency of training will yield MAXIMUM RESULTS? 

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