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Testimonials & Real Results from CTS Clients showing that with dedication, consistency and CTS techniques....results are guaranteed!


Kat dropped inches, improved her strength and learned the secrets of smart training in only 4 weeks.
In only 8 weeks Alex added muscle, improved his endurance and boosted his athletic performance, all while shedding body fat!!
Ian completely transformed his physique and proved that "genetics" & "metabolism" are an excuse rather than a roadblock when you use Compound Training Systems techniques!
Simon made huge progress in only 4 weeks and made massive drops in body fat while feeling more energetic from a clean diet, smart routine and healthier lifestyle!


When I initially joined a commercial gym I mainly took part in the scheduled cardio-classes, and while they were excellent work outs and my fitness definintely improved, I wasn't noticing much of a difference on the scales!  At the beginning of this year decided to arrange a few sessions with Oisin McCabe from Compound Training Systems, to see where I was going wrong and how I could achieve my goals.  Oisin completely turned my interpretation of diet and nutrition up-side down!  I've been attending sessions with him since the end of January and following a CTS style diet.  While the sessions are tough, they are definitely worth it.  These sessions coupled with the circuit training he's given us have shown brilliant results so far - I feel leaner, stronger, lighter, healthier, and I've never been so full of energy.  I really couldn't recommend personal training sessions enough!
 Leonie O’Connell


I have recently moved home to Ireland having lived abroad for a few years and quickly put on about a stone. I was going to the gym a lot but always doing the same exercises - same programme on the treadmill, same classes - and nothing was working for me. A friend suggested I try having a session with a personal trainer to see if they could kick start me on a different routine and help me lose weight. And so, I've been training with Oisin since the beginning of the year and everything's changed. I've learned so much about food and nutrition and eat completely differently than before. The sessions I do at the gym now are nothing like before. When I do sessions with Oisin he really pushes me, far far more than I would on my own. He always makes me finish my sets no matter how hard I find them. The improvement is unbelievable and I've lost 12kg to date! I'm fitter, stronger, leaner and feel a million times better than before. I could 't recommend it enough. And it's actually good fun too.
 Joanne Ni Chisdealbha
Oisin is an excellent personal trainer.  I knew already that he had a great reputation, but it was only after I suffered a neck injury that I decided to book a few sessions with Compound Training Systems.
He quickly grasped the nature of my injury and my overall goals, which were two-fold; (1) To work specifically on the injured area, and (2) To improve my overall fitness/toning.
We didn’t waste any time and started our sessions promptly.  We did a series of sessions over a period of many months, and before long I was making good progress on the injury as well as my other goals.
Oisin can be a hard taskmaster but he is great fun to work with, and if you do your part, you WILL achieve your goals.  Therefore I would recommend him to anyone looking for any help at all with their physical health/fitness, injury help, weight-loss, improved muscle tone or training for specific sports/events.
I’m happy to recommend him!

Ana Ocampo ,Fairview


I worked with Oisin in the autumn of 2011. I was tired of going through the motions in the gym and wanted to get professional advice and training, along with a challenge. I had just come back from a few long injuries and Oisin was able to put me right in regards to warm ups and proper stretching, he has excellent knowledge of every muscle inside & out and how to achieve the best from your body. Training was never a burden and always enjoyable even though it was tough, but that’s the way it should be. I found Oisin to be very professional and he took my goals seriously as if it they were his own. He took our training seriously but found a balance to have a laugh as well; he also guided me in terms of nutrition which is very important and something I still implement today. Overall a great experience, very professional and gets the exact results you want from your training. If I was ever to recommend a trainer, Oisin would be my number one choice.
Mark Nolan
Clontarf, Dublin 3
My name is Enda and I started training with Oisin as my personal trainer after having run two marathons. I wanted a change of pace and my goals were to improve my strength and put on mass. Since starting with Compound Training Systems I've put on 15kg of muscle mass and am leaner now than when I started. My deadlift has gone from 40kg to 195kg and I am squatting over 120kg for multiple repetitions. I still have some way to go but I feel I’ve made great improvements since then and notice big changes in myself. Oisin keeps me motivated for every workout and I continue to see improvements every workout. I couldn’t have done any of it without Compound Training Systems help, who not only put together effective, varied and enjoyable programmes for me, but was also very helpful and knowledgeable on diet, supplements and other important aspects of training. I’ve grown to really enjoy training and look forward to it now, seeing it as an interest or hobby now instead of a necessity or a means to an end.
-Enda Hannan
Howth, Dublin
I first trained with Oisin as part of a boxing class and quickly came to realise that is standard of instruction and delivery were considerably above average. I have been a student of fighting arts for some time and have trained locally, as well as internationally in different skills. I have been fortunate in having many fine instructors to learn from and model on. Oisin comes up to the high standard that I have come to expect from those who are really good at their profession. His technical skills and insight have been first class and he has been able able to raise my standards to a higher level by a combination of refining existing knowledge and teaching fresh methods to approach the challenges. I recommend him as a trainer without reservations of any kind.
 -Frank D'Easaille
'I have been working at Westwood with Oisin for the last few weeks.  He has shown that he has the training, skill and experience to tailor and guide my regime, giving me confidence to do more, to increase my flexiblilty and fitness and get beyond worrying about a chronic bad back and an old ankle injury.   He has a gentle sense of humour that keeps me going.   It looks like 60 can indeed be the new 40!'
Etain Doyle, Rathmines
I joined the gym to rehabilitate myself after a stay in an intensive care unit where I lost all my muscle mass.  As a result of the accident that put me in hospital, I also had an injury which caused paralysis of my right shoulder. Specialists informed me that surgery was my best option for recovery and I had resigned myself to this. 
**Update** - I have now returned to having full range in my shoulder without having to undergo surgery thanks to the CTS programming (my doctors can't believe it) :)
I decided to contact Compound Training Systems both to motivate me in this recovery time and to ensure I didn't damage myself while training with my new weakness.  Oisin has done exactly that.  Within a month, I have gone from being worried about my level of fitness and apprehensive about going to a new gym, to enjoying it and looking forward to my next visit.  The result of this change in attitude and the sessions we have done, are that I have gained muscle all over my body and I feel a lot more confident and motivated. 
Oisin has devised many exercises which strengthen the surrounding muscles to my shoulder, and unless I demonstrate exactly which muscle does not work, few would be able to observe I have a paralysed shoulder.  This is a fantastic result for me, but what impressed me most, was that when I became disheartened over my weakness in specific exercises, Oisin was able to help me push myself to get results, where I am sure on my own, I would have given up and been too embarrassed to try it again.  
I now feel motivated to work out on my own, and the fitness I have gained and shape I am in, will be a huge confidence boost for my return to work.  I will be coming back to Oisin regularly so I can benefit from his sessions structure and personally tailored advice.
 Richard O’Grady ,Fairview


I've been a virtuous gym goer for years, slogging it out on the treadmill and spin classes but was not getting the results I wanted. I had read that weight training was the best way to loose weight and tone the body but I found the weights area in the gym a very intimidating place. So I made an appointment with Oisin from Compound Training Systems. He is very easy to work with, providing a variety of routines to make each sessions interesting and challenging. He also puts together programmes that are straight forward. I've seen the benefit of weights and the weights area in the gym is no longer intimidating. I would highly recommend Oisin to help you achieve your goal. 
Ellen Farrell
Anyone in Dublin looking for a top trainer to kick them into shape for 2013? Look no further than CTS!  
Sure you can all waste your time buried in magazines and surfing online to find a magical cure or you can invest in your health and go to a trainer who'll be with you every step of the way and also who prides himself on RESULTS not talk!  Just check out his testimonials on the website it speaks for itself!!
Eoin Healy
Personal Trainer, Melbourne, Austrailia.




"I've been training on and off for years in different sports and in the gym. Progress was not something that comes easy for me but I had seen some small results from all my efforts. However, I'd never been able to properly get to a low body fat % where I felt ‘lean’ due to a combination of lack of willpower/motivation and nutritional knowledge.
After Christmas I was 72Kg and decided to try my best to shift the excess weight. I contacted Compound Training Systems to get professional guidance and following the plan Oisin set out for me, I managed to drop weight from 72Kg to 68Kg in just a month. In the next few weeks I hit my lowest weight in YEARS of 66.7Kg! Since then, Oisin and I tweaked the nutrition and I’ve climbed back to 68Kg but with noticable increases in strength and muscle mass and without extra fat!!! I couldn't recommend training with Oisin at Compound Training Systems highly enough. He's friendly and professional whether getting in touch through email or in person. Always has time to answer any questions and queries and get you back on track."
Kevin Brennan


by Happy CTS Clients

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