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Compound Training Systems provides every service that the motivated trainee could possibly need. For those lucky enough to reside close enough to one of our operating locations, we provide one2one and group oersonal training. If you want to make use of the knowledge available to CTS clients but live too far away or abroad then the CTS online personal training is the perfect tool for you.


In a market saturated with fitness fads and ridiculous claims that never deliver, we at Compound Training Systems separate ourselves by only using scientifically proven methods to achieve the fastest fat burning possible. Our attention is focused on exercise that provides the greatest calorie burn and maintains a consistently high metabolism. Coupled with sound nutrition, our training methods provide maximum results in minimum time. The Male Fat Loss programme include - 

 - Exercise selections guaranteed to increase fat burning hormones

 - Nutritional protocols designed to incinerate fat stores while maintaining maximal muscle

 - Supplement guidance to maximize fat loss rate



The facts are simple - Fat Loss is more challenging for women as they possess lower levels of muscle mass and the hormones that encourage bodyfat reduction. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you a gimmick rather than results ,or is simply ignorant to the physiology involved. Thankfully here at CTS we have developed a complete 12 week Fat Loss Programme excusively for women that draws upon all of our experience training numerous women who achieved remarkable results and even surpassing their goals. The programme contains a complete apprach to training including -
 - exercise programming
 - expert nutritional guidance
 - supplementation.   


What are the benefits of Buddy Training Sessions? 
 - reduced cost per session
 - increased motivation
 - friendly competition
 - nutritional support
Buddy training is one of our most popular services and has a proven track record of producing results. Buddy sessions of 2-3 people, made up of family members, work colleagues or friends have produced some of the most inspirational
results time and time again and is an option we highly recommend!! Interested in a Buddy Session but don't have a willing partner? Contact us and we will organise a partner for you.




One of the most common goals that our male clients hire CTS services for is the desire to build a well defined muscular physique. Contrary to the negativity that is rampantly spread by those who failed to gain the physique they wanted in commercial gyms or through muscle magazines, it is entirely possible for 95% of males to achieve this goal. Muscle building simply requires the combination of -
 - intelligent progressive weight training
 - the scientific application of nutrition
 - consistency (The most important of all)
CTS clients have transformed their body time and time again, adding up to 12kg of muscle in as short a period as 12 months (a feat the computer "experts" will claim to be impossible). For proof just check out the testimonials section of this website and take inspiration from the success of those who have come before you. 



Sports performance has always been a staple of CTS success given our background in Sports Science & Sports Rehabilitation. We excel at maximizing pre & post-season performance gains and maintaining these gains throughout a long and grueling competition season. Athletes who train with us can expect to see huge increases in - 
 - Speed & Agility
 - Power indicators (vertical jump, broad jump, press ability)
 - Muscular endurance
 - Body composition (muscle mass vs bodyfat)
 - Mobility & Flexibility


A healthy staff is a more productive staff. In recent years businesses have begun to realise the benefit of incorporating exercise options to their employees routine. CTS group training is an excellent opportunity for work colleagues to train together and not only build fitness, but also an immense team spirit. Group training by its very nature requires participants to encourage each other to exceed to exceed expectations. For more information send your enquiries through the contact section.





CTS Online Personal Training (CTS-OPT) is our newest available service and has already proven to be extremely effective. One of the greatest endorsements for the CTS-OPT service is the fact that its client list includes professional personal trainers on 3 different continents. Such is the quality of the information and education that we include in this service, that fellow personal trainers invest in it as a source of professional improvement. The CTS-OPT service includes -
 - In depth questionaire designed to identify exact workout and eating strategies required for success !
 - Monthly programme design based upon your workout duration, frequency, and current fitness levels !
 - Monthly nutritional guidance including ideal food types, nutrient timing and recipie ideas ! 
 - Constant email support designed to answer any query you may have with any aspect of your training !
 - Guidance in supplement selection to maximize results and minimize required recovery time !
This service is incredible value and has already produced incredible results for those lucky enough to be taking part in it.


**Availability for this programme is limited in order to maintain quality of service. Applicants are selected from the waiting list based on the motivation they show and desire to achieve their goals.**

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