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Compound Training Systems provides a whole host of female friendly services designed to drop dress sizes, reduce risk of conditions such as osteoporosis and greatly improve your strength/toning. Simply put - if you want to look your very best, we undoubtedly know how to get you there (just check out the testimonials of fellow women who have achieved incredible results under our guidance).
Women especially have been targeted by the con-artists in the fitness industry over the years. Ridiculous advice such as avoiding weight training, eating low-fat diets and focusing on cardio training for toning, is so rampant that even naive and inexperienced trainers can get sucked in. Not only does this impair your ability to achieve your goals but it puts your health at risk. Here at CTS we believe this is unacceptable and we strive to educate people in their choices as well as giving specific directions.  


The facts are simple - Fat Loss is more challenging for women as they possess lower levels of muscle mass and the hormones that encourage bodyfat reduction. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you a gimmick rather than results ,or is simply ignorant to the physiology involved. Thankfully here at CTS we have developed a complete 12 week Fat Loss Programme excusively for women, that draws upon all of our experience training numerous women who have achieved remarkable results and even surpassed their goals. The programme contains a complete apprach to training success including -
 - exercise programming specific to your body and goals
 - expert and indepth nutritional guidance
 - supplementation guidance to maximize health  



As 2012 progressed, CTS fast became recognised as one of the premier companies for wedding specific training in Ireland, as we provided incredible results for a whole host of brides and grooms. In our experience there are few people as motivated as a bride/groom preparing to look the best on their big day. When this motivation is combined with the services we provide, the results are nothing short of breathtaking. 
 The Bridal Bootcamp programme is available in 4 week, 8 week, 12 week packages with results GUARANTEED! Our CTS Bridal Bootcamp programme includes - 


 - 3-4 training sessions per week to trigger your bodies optimal fatburning and toning processes !
 - Constantly updated nutritional information to ensure that the food you eat is perfect for your goals !
 - Supplemental advice designed to maximize speed of results !
 - Regular measurment assessment to ensure progress and motivation !




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